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We are proud of our team of carers who make a difference in the world. Offering private 24 hour live in care for you and your loved ones remains as our core value and hence we wish to extend the pool of Carers available for response. Noting that, we strongly believe that recruitment and training are crucial parts of building an outstanding live-in care team. Our core mandate when we recruit new staff is guided by the simple question: Do you share our mission, values and goals?

We recruit, employ and retain the very best staff and provide on-going training and development to ensure that our care team provides the best care and support.

We are continuously looking for committed individuals to join our care team and help us forward to support individuals in need of care and support within our community.

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How to apply:

Step 1: Complete our online application form below.

Step 2:  A physical interview will be arranged. Bring your identification to be verified against your Curriculum vitae and application.

Step 3: Application will be submitted to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. You will be responsible for the payment.

Step 4: Invitation for a training course will be presented to become a Carer or Key-support worker.

Step 5: If cleared with DBS, we will arrange for you to shadow an experienced Carer or Key-support worker.

Step 6: Upon positive feedback from your mentor, we will gladly offer you a position, confirm your contract, start date and working times. You will also receive your uniform.