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Thank you for paying us a visit. Medicare Housing & Support is solely dedicated to enabling you to enjoy a better quality of life with the assistance of a professionally trained Carer who will provide you with highly personalized care and support.

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Our Services

We specialize in providing support services for adults at risk with Acquired Brain Injury, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and Transition Services. Our high-quality accommodation in residential areas has smaller occupancy, creating a home-like environment..


Domiciliary & Home Care

Do you need help taking care of day to day chores? Do your loved ones require casual care in their home? A yes to any of these questions? Please check out our domiciliary package.

Complex Care

Complex care is specialised help that is provided to an individual with a chronic or long-term health condition. This means individuals require more assistance with managing their symptoms and everyday activities in order to maintain a high quality of life.

Companionship Care

Do you often feel lonely because you live alone? Do you seek companionship to share laughs during the day? If your answer is yes to these questions, you may need to consider our companionship care services.

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About us

Medicare Housing & Support is committed to matching you with qualified and experienced home care providers. Our highly regarded home care providers provide individualized home care and support to you and/or your loved ones, allowing you to have more fulfilled days.

why choose us

Why we feel you should choose us


We offer professional carers who will deliver high quality care.


We offer supportive care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We offer bespoke caregiver matching, whilst prioritising your very needs.


Loved ones might remain in the familiarity of their own home.


We have a large network of qualified home care Carers.

Trefoil House

Trefoil House in Rushden provides a Homely Environment, promoting independence and supporting tenants to learn new skills needed for day to day living.

Brooklands House

With its ample living space, multiple bedrooms, and convenient amenities such as the driveway and garden, Brooklands House offers a comfortable and accommodating environment for supported living. Its location in a prestigious area adds to its appeal, providing residents with a desirable living experience in Milton Keynes.

Dorsey House

Dorsey House in Bedford provides a safe and stimulated environment where 24 hour qualified staff as well as a highly skilled care staff are here to assist with all your requirements. The carefully thought-out décor of the home gives it a homely feel creating an environment perfectly suited to modern living.

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Our COVID-19 Awareness

At Medicare Support and Housing we are fully committed to ensuring that we protect your health and wellbeing by observing all COVID-19 protocols.

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Thinking of working with us?

We are proud of our team of carers who make a difference in the world. Offering home care for you and your loved ones remains as our core value and hence we wish to extend the pool of Carers available for response. Noting that, we strongly believe that recruitment and training are crucial parts of building an outstanding home care team. Our core mandate when we recruit new staff is guided by the simple question: Do you share our mission, values and goals?

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