About us

Medicare Support and Housing was established to help meet the demands of people who are in need of care in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The provision of support from private, dedicated and competent Carers, to meet your specific demands became the sole priority of our company. We take time getting to know you and your families, listen to your specific needs and requirements, and thereby tailoring a package to suit your specifications, through our extensively experienced clinical Carers. Our sole priority is to ensure that your independence is maintained as much as possible whilst we support you in the comfort and safety of your home.

Our aims and objectives

  1. To link you with the most relevant carers to accommodate your needs.
  2. To be culturally competent and sensitive.
  3. To ensure that you and your loved ones are regularly consulted about our services and preserve your self-respect and dignity through high quality customer service.
  4. To ensure the preference of your needs is priority always and that you are in full control of your care.
  5. To provide you and your loved ones with Carers who uphold professionalism.

Our Management

We believe in equality for all people and treat our staff with respect. This is why we have been able to retain our staff and our management team has been promoted within the company. We believe in supporting our care staff to develop themselves which in turn allows us to provide you with quality are. We aim to develop and grow the best possible team that will cater for your needs.

MBEVI, EmilLy Mueni
Managing Director

Our Carers

We recognise that our Carers are the most important people as they are the ones on the front line to support you and/or your loved ones. They work hand in hand with our founder and the management to ensure that you are happy with the service we deliver.

Our Values

We take a holistic outlook on the care we provide you. We seek to provide a care package that covers your overall healthcare needs and preferences. To ensure this, we work with a vast array of healthcare professionals to ensure we maximise your independence and respect your dignity.

We thoroughly assess your needs and preferences, as we have a person-centred approach. We make it a point to reassess your needs and alter the care plan due to your changing needs.

We take pride in our skill and knowledge to be able to care and support you. Medicare Support and Housing staff is high trained and is continuously improving their skills by further training in the health and social care sector.

We aim to build relations between you and our team on a foundation of trust gathered from efficient service delivery. Caring for your needs is such a delicate and private responsibility and it is our mandate to do it diligently.

It is a priority for us to understand what you or your loved one are experiencing and give you the care that you deserve and need, which is not limited to physical assistance.

At Medicare Support and Housing you are at the centre of our focus and we promise to deliver you the best live-in care services in the comfort of your homes. With our person-centred approach you are assured of your needs being met without any hustles.

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