Respite Care

Respite care might just be what you need as a Carer when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Caring for your loved ones may live you feeling fully responsible for them and you might be scared to live them alone. However, respite care is the solution as it allows you to take a step back, be if for a few hours, days or weeks.
Taking a break from caring for your loved ones allows you to refill your emotional, physical and mental capacities which may be gradually drained from not prioritising your needs. At Medicare Support and Housing, we understand that you need to take a needed break so as to regroup and then resume care for your loved ones. Respite care services will allow a trained professional to step in on your behalf and care for your loved ones while you take the rest you rightfully deserve. We will match a Carer who is qualified to meet the needs of your loved ones and offer them companionship whilst you claim the rest you rightfully deserve.

Why respite care

  • Respite care allows both you and your loved ones to be taken care of when you need to refuel.
  • This option allows you to comfortably enjoy prioritising your needs as your loved ones receive efficient support in the safety of their homes.
  • Care is provided day and night, hence staff also can conduct housekeeping and personal care duties.

You can choose your respite care in your preferred state:
Live-in respite care: A carer will live with you in your home, offering support and care to your loved one throughout the day.
Visiting respite care: intermittent visits from our carers for just a few hours each day or week.

In need of Respite care? Please do get in touch. Our care team will respond at short notice and do everything to care and support you through your situation.